THE SERBIAN NUMISMATIC SOCIETY was founded in 1956 as a voluntary civil association for communication and organization of numismatists - coin collectors and those that study the material scientifically. The society is seated at 5/44, Glasinacka , 11050 Belgrade .

The objects of the Society include:

  • to develop numismatics on the educational, historical and scientific levels in all its sub-fields;
  • to provide for collaboration of all those interested in coins made of precious and non-precious metals and other material, paper bills, securities and bonds, coupons, chips, tokens and badges, plaques and medals in their study, classification, collection, presentation and protection;
  • to aggregate and reveal useful information in the field of numismatics and actively promote and participate in aggregation and distribution of numismatic and related referential literature necessary for numismatic and related studies;
  • to promote numismatics in the public;
  • to collaborate with individuals and institutions interested in related fields such as heraldry (armorial insignia), sphragistics (seals and signets), archeology, phone cards, post card collecting and related fields of ornament study and collection;
  • to promote appreciation of numismatics, and particularly of its artistic, cultural and historical values, as well as enthusiasm for finding, collection and preservation of numismatic and related valuables.

The Serbian Numismatic Society informs the public on its activities by publications, lectures, exhibitions and other presentations and manifestations. Accordingly, the Society:

  • holds regular weekly meetings of the Society membership and other visitors each Tuesday from 16.00 – 19.00 at 16-18/II Svetog Save str. in Belgrade . At the meetings you are welcome to exchange your numismatic items, get the items evaluated, obtain referential literature, become a member of the Serbian Numismatic Society (currently 650 members), establish contacts with over 250 numismatists that regularly attend the meetings, consult the leading experts in certain fields of numismatics and obtain necessary equipment;
  • organises international meetings of numismatists and auctions of numismatic and related items. All necessary information about the dates of the meetings can be found on page Info;
  • publishes a specialized numismatic journal “Dinar” and, in collaboration with the National Museum , the “Numizmaticar” (numismatist);
  • sets up, maintains and enriches the library (currently about 1,100 titles) that is open, with certain restrictions, to the membership, researchers and institutions;
  • sets up a pilot collection of coins, plaques, medals and orders;
  • organizes purchase of numismatic items, tools, journals and other publications for the membership;
  • organizes occasional lectures by experts, including radio and TV shows, dealing with topics related to numismatics, collection of medals, ornaments and related fields;
  • organizes exhibitions, seminars, symposia and congresses and participates at them in the country and abroad;
  • organizes visits to numismatic collections and other prominent sites of cultural and historic importance in the country and abroad;
  • maintains scientific and other links with other numismatic societies, museums, banks and other institutions in the country and abroad, exchange publication with them and carries out some actions in joint interest;
  • occasionally issues memorial medals, chips, tokens, badges and other promotional material;
  • provides expert evaluation of coins, bills, medals and orders, gives expert opinion and issues certificates for valuable items;
  • participates, in the capacity of consultant, in decisions on emissions of bills in Serbia and, particularly when special issues are concerned.